Saturday, August 11, 2001

We had a lovely time at Folly Beach in South Carolina. It was very hot and humid, but we relaxed and played games and hung out with Jason's family who are very cool.

Then, Thursday, Jason and I left to come home for Brian and Michelle's Wedding Rehearsal. I was Matron of Honor (does being married for 8 months really make me matronly? I don't think so, but ...) And, the wedding was, of course, today. Everything went beautifully and the newly marrieds are off. Many blessings and prayers for them as the go forth on their journey.

And, since this seems to be becoming my book-blog, I'm sure you would figure that I read some while I was on vacation.

I finally finished Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. I really like his book called Prayer and occasionally delve into his Devotional Classics. Anyway, I have been trying to read Celebration of Discipline on and off for a couple of years - I finally succeeded. It was quite good, although perhaps not as hands-on as I would've liked; I also would take issue with some of what he wrote about the group disciplines (Worship, Guidance, and Celebration). Overall though, I would recommend it, especially for someone trying to find where and how Christian Discipline fits into their life. I partially think I keep reading this kind of book to show me how to discipline myself when it comes to Prayer, Study, Meditation, etc when I could use the time to practice them instead of reading about it. But, that's another deal.

I also read some fiction. Imagine that. I had picked up The Martyr's Chapel and The Judas Tree a while ago, but hadn't read them yet. Lovely pieces of fiction and good murder mysteries for those who relish them. Set in a college town in Tennessee, Father Griffin Reed (the main character) becomes embroiled - against his choice and better judgement in the events. The characters are developed nicely, the language is smooth and easy to read. There are interesting twists in both. To some extent they remind me of Jan Karon's Mitford books, but really have their own sense of self and direction. I hope he writes more.

I guess I'll be back to apologetics - if I don't read what Jason just finished.

Anyway, so we're back and will be our normal blogging selves.

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