Wednesday, October 31, 2001

The ABC's of me... Stolen from brnwebgrrl

A - Age: 28
B - Best Friend: Jason and Michelle
C - Choice of Meat: Beef! Its what's for dinner.
D - Dream Date: anywhere with my honey
E - Exciting Adventure: going to Kentucky for 3 weeks
F - Favorite Food: Buckeye Pie (Peanut butter pie with chocolate crust and topping ... yummm)
G - Greatest Accomplishment: Mission trip to Honduras - I survived.
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: December 9, 2000
I - Interests: reading, teaching, learning
J - Joke: Why don't Amish people waterski?*
K - Kool-Aid: lemonade
L - Love: Jason
M - Most Valued possession: my faith
N - Name: Elizabeth but I'm also liking Amelia
O - Outfit You Love: red and grey men's pajama pants and long sleeve Ohio State t-shirt
P - Pizza Toppings: meat, cheese, and sliced tomatoes
Q - Question Asked To You the Most: "How much are my COBRA premiums?" or "Can I have a new discount card?"
R - Radio Station: Radio-U, CDR, WCVO, WCBE, The Fan (all either listener supported or talk radio. How old am I?)
S - Sport: College Football
T - Television Show: Any decorating show on HGTV or Friends.
U - Umbrella in the rain?: Please.
V - Video: The Princess Bride (Jason and I each owned a copy, and we now own the DVD)
W - Winter: should only happen on Christmas Day. And maybe New Years'
X - X-rays recently?: at the dentist
Y - Year Born: 1973
Z - Zodiac Sign: Who cares? Aquarius

*Their horses would drown.

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