Thursday, October 04, 2001

I have rarely gotten the opportunity to see The West Wing because we have Bible Study on Wednesdays. Despite the Democratic/Liberal leanings of the "Bartlett Administration," when I have seen the show, I've kind of enjoyed it. I wanted to see last night's Isaac and Ishmael episode to see how they'd handle the situation. When I first saw the characters interacting with the high school students, I was concerned that it was going to turn into a liberal lecture, but they actually ended up doing a very nice job with it. They discussed some thought provoking issues. In one of the scenes the character Josh asked this SAT-style question:

Islamic Extremists:Islam as ____________:Christianity

The answer was the KKK. One of the other characters drew a comparison between terrorists and gangs. Of course, this points to the "poverty leads to terrorism" argument (link via tam) that some people are citing as the reason for attacks.

Anyway, the interrogation of the White House employee (because his name matched that of a terrorist's) who's parents/ancestors happened to be from Saudi Arabia was especially poignant. So much suspicion, so much intimated distrust. The apology scene was not quite enough, IMO.

We also watched Enterprise (poor Jason, but at least it wasn't HGTV [grin]). It was pretty good, although the allusions were a bit obvious. Some character development for the crew. Some protocol development (in opposition to T'Pol's advice) for Star Fleet. Nothing major to write home about, but it was entertaining.

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