Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Please note that I changed the poll question. You should participate! It makes me happy :) Also, on this poll, you can tell us what "other" is if you don't use one I've listed.

Anyway, on the last poll 18 of you voted and the results are:

Which Translation do you use?

NIV 8 votes - 47%
KJV/NKJV 5 votes - 29%
RSV/NRSV 2 votes - 11%
NASB 2 votes - 11%
Other 0 votes - 0%

Do most of you prefer the NIV because of its readability, universality, or some other reason? For the NASB and RSV people, is it because of translational accuracy or consistency? I use the NKJV because the study Bible I have uses that translation, but I probably prefer the NIV.

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