Thursday, November 29, 2001

On November 7, I was listening to Focus on the Family as I was driving and heard Dr. Dobson's discussion about part of the Salvation Army's plan to offer benefits to domestic partners of its employees whose salaries were funded by the government (both homosexual and heterosexual). I meant to post this then, but forgot. Now I see on this site (I'm pretty embarrassed to be linking here even for these purposes, but it is the only place I could find an article about it) that the Salvation Army has rescinded that decision.

What reminded me that I wanted to post about the original story, was the radio discussion I heard yesterday about homosexual groups "donating" fake $5 in protest of the Salvation Army. I was pretty confused about this protest because I hadn't heard that the Salvation Army had rescinded the decision, but now it makes much more sense.

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