Tuesday, November 06, 2001

There were 15 votes in the Study Bible poll:

NIV Study Bible 4
Life App. SB 3
New Geneva SB 4
New Oxford Annotated 1
Don't need a SB 2
Other (Orthodox Study Bible - NT & Psalms) 1

If I didn't know many of my readers were from the Reformed persuasion, I'd be surprised that there were more New Geneva/Reformation SB users out there than the Life Application SB users. I've never heard of the Orthodox SB with only NT and Psalms. I wonder why not use one with the whole OT? I've become more and more interested in the OT through the lens of the risen Jesus, so to cut a majority of it out sort of surprises me.

The poll will end at the end of the night, but I don't expect any more participation.

There isn't a new poll, mostly 'cause I can't think of anything interesting to ask. It is possible that I will come up with something later, but that'll be then :)

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