Monday, November 05, 2001

We had a good weekend.

As Jason mentioned, we're looking at cars. For me. (yay!) Friday we made our first trip to a dealership to look at and test-drive a car. We tried out a 2002 Altima. Verrry nice. Then, we had dinner.

Saturday, we went to my sister's house near Laurelville, Ohio. She lives atop a hill, owning about 20 acres. Its a beautiful, idyllic setting. She raises goats (yes, I'm serious - she has a goat dairy, makes cheese, etc) and chickens. We had a fun day, playing crazy outdoor games (three-legged race, horseshoes, potato sack races, etc) Then, as we drove home we listened to the first half of the OSU-Minnesota game and made it home in time to watch the second half. The Buckeyes won, which makes me happy.

Church on Sunday was good. Our pastor finished his sermon series on Daniel. Looks like we're going to start the book of Mark next. Then we spent the afternoon with my family.

It was a lovely weekend.

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