Thursday, December 06, 2001

My friends and family know how much I love Christmas music. There always seems to be one more CD that I want. This year, I still want the one by Jaci Velasquez. But, I did pick up Our Favorite Things with Charlotte Church, Tony Bennett, Vanessa Williams, and Placido Domingo. It is interesting. Charlotte Church and Placido Domingo are both classical vocalists, while Bennett and Williams are both pop singers. Each does an individual song and the duets in those parings are really quite nice ("O Holy Night" with Domingo and Church is heavenly). Its when they start to mix and match that the CD gets a bit strange. Tony Bennett and Placido Domingo singing "I'll Be Home For Christmas" is a bit surreal as neither ever quite hits the notes on the beat, or at the same time. I still am very much enjoying the CD, which also features a children's chorus who sing beautifully on "Somewhere in my Memory" (I couldn't for the life of me figure out where I'd heard it before until I realized that John Williams wrote it and his site showed that it was the opening credits from Home Alone - perhaps the best part of the whole movie.)

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