Saturday, January 05, 2002

I am feeling rather remiss in my lack of posting recently. Nothing has really come to mind to share though.

Today, Jason and I had adventures in downtown Columbus. My work was passing out free tickets to the Home and Remodel Expo at the Columbus Convention Center, so I got a pair. As we went downtown, the road we were on suddenly was blocked (or so it seemed), so we turned and made our way to High Street. I thought there was parking just north of the Convention Center (and it seems that prior to the addition there was), so we headed that way. It turns out there's building there now. So we drove around following the signs to a parking garage. When we got there, we saw that we were close to the new Nationwide Arena where the Columbus Blue Jackets play hockey. We also saw that we were right next to the North Market which west of High Street. I was pretty confused because the Convention Center is on the east of High Street and the Arena is also west of High Street and I didn't remember crossing or going under High St, which evidently we did. As we left the garage we got reoriented and saw the bridge we went under. But it was a good adventure!

Anyway, we went to the Expo and wandered through it in about an hour. We stopped and talked to some folks, but mostly just looked and picked up cards. It was kind of fun. Then we walked right across the street and had lunch at Barley's. Mine was OK, but Jason enjoyed his lunch and Barley's Christmas Ale (I even liked the Christmas Ale enough to drink several sips!)

'Twas a nice day!

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