Monday, February 04, 2002

Did you know that Minneapolis, MN and Columbus, OH have the #1 and 2 (respectively) populations of Somali immigrants in the US? And that the population is so high in Columbus because we have jobs and a strong church network to help foster families moving here? (I didn't know this) Also, did you know that Somali culture requires that they wash their feet before eating lunch or eating on their break?

This is just one of the fascinating tidbits I learned during the first session of my PHR prep course. Of course, we learned this in the context of promoting diversity: we ought to have foot washing basins available to workers. (I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but some accomodations are very unreasonable and I feel that employees and employers ought to be able to have some sort of parting of ways).

I'm pretty excited yet cynical about this class. I'm excited to be back in a learning environment and having interesting discussions. I'm less excited about homework. I'm excited to be learning more about HR because we really can be positive agents in bringing management and employees together in amicable terms. I'm less excited about some of the screwy laws the Federal government has forced on companies that make these amicable agreements more difficult. I'm excited to be certified as a HR Professional. I'm less excited to be certified by SHRM whose agenda includes HR taking as much power as possible over companies and liberal multi-culturalism and diversity (not that employers shouldn't promote a diverse working environment, but EEO-1 and Affirmative Action are *not* the way to make that happen IMO).

Anyway, Mondays should be interesting for me over the next 11 weeks as I learn more about Human Resources and how I can be an asset to my company.

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