Wednesday, June 05, 2002

I was checking on the Confessing Church Movement of the PC(USA) and glad to see Central College (my church growing up) is on the list, then was poking around some more and found out that the PC(USA) GA is in Columbus this year. Looks like the Confessing Churches plan on meeting/rallying in some fashion. Skimming through the FAQ, in general they seem to be realistic about what the movement is going to do to the denomination:
Question: Is the CCM seeking a denominational split?
Answer: The denomination is already split between those who do and those who do not believe in the singular saving Lordship of Jesus Christ and between those who are and those who are not willing to submit their ideas about faith and life to the standard of the Bible. The question is, what do we do about this sad division? The response of the confessing churches is to tell the world, including the leaders of our denomination, what it is that we do believe. The Confessing Church Movement is not involved in organizational reconstruction, or intentional moves to form a new denomination. The movement grew out of a desire to return denominational focus to foundations of our faith.
Although, I do think there will be an official separation at some point. We'll all just wait and see.

I'm glad they finally have their own web-site and they seem to be getting organized, although I don't see them correcting all the mistakes of the past (women's ordination being the biggie, IMO).

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