Thursday, October 24, 2002

Way back in 2000, Adam Taliaferro seriously injured himself while tackling an Ohio State player in the Horseshoe during the OSU-PSU game. There was a huge outpouring of support from the Buckeye fans and the OSU-Medical center, that Adam was on the road to recovery - returning to lead his team on the field last fall.

This Saturday, Adam Taliaferro will return to the Horseshoe. 100,000+ fans will welcome him with a great deal of support and love.

You see, Penn State is a huge rival of Ohio State, but they are a rival we respect (except the stupid lion roar thing they play), but generally I'll root for PSU when they're not playing Ohio State - and mean it. This is unlike that school up north, who I half-heartedly root for when it will help Ohio State, but generally won't complain when they lose (I do hope they beat Iowa this weekend, but if they lose - [shrug] it is Michigan).

Anyway, Go Buckeyes! Beat the Lions!

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