Monday, October 07, 2002

What a fantastic weekend, although it is a bit of a blur ...

Friday night I fought rush-hour traffic in a heavy rainstorm (thanks, Lili) to get home in time to cook, eat dinner with Jason, change clothes and head back downtown for the first concert in the symphony package we bought. An American in Paris was fantastic - fun, buoyant, jazzy. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Then the PRISM quartet came out to play a piece (Concerto Grosso) that was written for them by Bolcom. It was ok. The fourth (and final) movement was by far the best and most interesting, the rest didn't do much for either Jason or I. Then the quartet played an encore by themselves which was quite good, unfortunately it wasn't listed in the program, so we really don't know what it was! After intermission (where I stood at my seat the whole time - the rows are sooooo close together and weren't built for people who are 5'11'' I think), the symphony alone played Pictures at an Exhibition. Yay! It was very good, some of the movements were the Ravel orchestration, but they sprinkled in a few other composer's orchestrations which made the piece different and interesting. The Dispatch reviewer didn't seem to enjoy the Pictures portion of the evening, but I almost always disagree with Dispatch reviewers. [BTW - the Dispatch requires registration]

Saturday, I was home most of the morning and watched College Gameday with Jason and some of the early football games before leaving for Michelle's. Michelle and I then spent an afternoon in luxury at Charles Penzone's: each with a massage and manicure. Fun, fun.

I got home just in time for the kick-off of the OSU-Northwestern football game. I knew Northwestern was going to play up this weekend, and they did. The Bucks didn't look good at all, but they still won handily, so I'm not disappointed. I am worried about Wisconsin, Penn State, U of M, and the rest of our schedule (maybe even Purdue [grin]).

Sunday morning, we had quite a large class of K-3 for Sunday School, but it went ok. After worship, we went to my parents' house to celebrate my Sister-in-Law and to-be Sister-in-Law's birthdays. We always have a lot of fun, even when two of my brothers beat Jason and me two out of three at Euchre (my excuse is that my mom kept distracting me and I got yucky cards).

In the evening, we went back to church for evening worship. Afterward, we had a reception for our Associate Pastor and his family as he has been called to a OP church in Dallas, Texas and will be leaving Columbus soon. It was a nice time of fellowship. I'm starting to get to know some people which makes visiting much more comfortable.

It was a fun weekend, and the rest of October weekends are going to be just as jam-packed, I believe.

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