Thursday, October 17, 2002

[work rant read at your own peril]

I try not to whine about my job too much here, but I don't love it. In fact, some days I really dislike it. I generally like the people I work with, but only one or two I would consider "friends." We work in cubes and offices that were converted warehouse space - I'm in a cube. I wasn't excited about that coming from an office with a door, but I could deal with it when I first started here. The company is currently redesigning the facility and building more offices in converted warehouse space. We saw the plans for our new offices a month or so ago. First, they put "Data Entry" in the spot for my name, ok, I could live with that, but, they took away the peninsula table, a chair for visitors, and two walls, so I had a computer in a corner. Angry. They took away work space for me, which I spread out papers on regularly. So, I talked to my boss, and get to keep a shorter peninsula table and get a chair, but still don't get four walls. I'm in an "manager" cube now, which I "shouldn't" be in as I don't need that much privacy. Don't mention the fact that I run tons of reports with SSNs, Dates of Birth, and salaries or that I am the COBRA admin who talks to terminated associates about their continued medical and dental benefits. Never mind the fact that the Benefits Coordinator (who isn't very good at what he does) gets a larger area with more privacy than I do. Oh, well. I won't be here forever. I can deal with it. Disappointed, yes. Angry, a bit. But I can live.

Today, my VP comes to me and says that with the new HIPAA regulations, the attorneys are telling her that the three headcounts for Benefit people (Benefit Coordinator - the same one as above, Benefit Analyst, and an OPEN HEADCOUNT) must be in enclosed offices with doors. But that I won't. Only our department's admin and I will be in cubes. Never mind, again, the confidential nature of much of my work. I feel like I'm not being treated like a professional (and as I sit here whining about it, I kind of feel like I must not be a professional). I understand why the others have to be enclosed, but I don't understand why I can't at least have four stinking walls!

[/work rant]

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