Friday, January 03, 2003

1. What time is it? 1:29
2. Name that appears on your birth certificate: Dawn Elizabeth Ables
3.Nicknames: dables, dabes (both from my maiden name), Fire Giant Feet (college), Olive (high school work), I don't really have any now, shortening "Dawn" isn't easy ... "Daw"? "Da"?
4. Number of candles that will appear on your next birthday cake: 30
5. Date that you will blow them out: February 7
6. Kids: None.
7. Pets: Zeke, golden retriever. He's really Jason's except when I'm cooking ...
8. Eye color: brown
9. Hair color: brown
10. Piercing: I had my ears pierced my freshman year of college, but they were perpetually infected. I can still feel where the holes were, but I don't think they're very visible.
11. Tattoos: Nope. [shudder]
12. Favorite Activities: generic stuff - reading, music, cooking, hosting parties, hanging out with Jason
13. Favorite color: yellow to look at, green and blue to wear
14. Hometown: born in Columbus, raised in Westerville (a east-side suburb of Columbus - named for the Westervelt family, not for location). I lived in Newark, Ohio for one year of college. I lived in Columbus for the rest of college and until we married.
15. Current residence: Hilliard, Ohio (a west-side suburb of Columbus).
16. Favorite food: chocolate
17. Been to Africa or Australia: no.
18. Been toilet papering: does your own house count? My mom bought "pretty" toilet paper and had us throw it up in our front tree for a party cause she thinks it can be pretty.
19. Loved somebody so much that it made you cry?: Yeah.
21. Croutons or bacon bits: both.
22. Sprite or 7-up: Fresca
23. Favorite movies: Princess Bride, Gosford Park
30. Favorite cola: Mountain Dew
31. Favorite T.V. shows: Friends, Sarah's Secrets, 30-Minute Meals, Gilmore Girls
32. Favorite type of ice cream: Peanut Butter Chocolate
33. Favorite Sesame Street Character: Grover
34. Disney or Warner Bros: Disney
35. Favorite fast food restaurant: Arby's
36. What color are your bedroom walls: cream
37. How many times did you fail your driver's test: Once. I ran a red light :(
38. Who is the last person you got an email from before this?: Genna (at work)
39. Have you ever been convicted of a crime: no
40. What single store would you choose to max out your credit card in:
41. What do you do most often when you are bored: watch tv
42. Name the person that you are friends with that lives the farthest away: Doug, Sue, and their son Ben are in Cali
44. Bedtime: 10 is preferable, 11 is typical
47. Favorite sport: college football
48. Last person (people) you went out to dinner with: Jason on Monday night
49. Last movie you saw in theater: The Two Towers (yes, we saw two movies in the theater in December, we also saw "Die Another Day." The last movie before that was either Star Wars Episode II or Spiderman which we saw one week apart last spring.)
50. How many broken bones: none
51. Going to the lake, would you rather ski or SeaDoo: neither ... I'd rather go to the pool and swim.
54. Favorite comic strip: Oooooh ... Get Fuzzy is funny, Fox Trot too. I suppose I don't really have a favorite, I read all of them.
55. Time when you finished this: 1:50

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