Monday, January 20, 2003

Over the weekend we rented In the Bedroom and Triple-X. [rather a diverse selection, eh?]

"In the Bedroom" was pretty good.. It was a study of interpersonal relations when a murder (Or was it really an accident? We never really find out.) is in the mix. A seemingly happy marriage was silenced by the tragedy for a time; forgiveness was non-existent; and vengance seemed to be applauded, maybe. There was a lot of ambiguities and no real summation to the plot, rather you got the feeling that the audience was seeing a snapshot in time and the long-term ramifications were not explored.

The other movie, "Triple-X," was pretty entertaining until the final action sequences. The producers made a few allusions to James Bond, which were amusing. The plot was entertaining. Lots of action (although did we really need Xander to be motivated to action the same way twice?). The final action sequence seemed too crazy (I don't care who you are, you aren't going to out snowboard an avalanche nor harpoon yourself to an unsubmerged submarine), but it was entertaining.

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