Monday, December 15, 2003

I really love living in Columbus. Not only because I grew up here or that it is the home of my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes, but because it is a generally fun city to live in. I love the downtown skyline. In fact, the best part of my job is that I get to drive toward downtown twice each day and enjoy the skyline. One particular building that I love is the Leveque Tower. (two links!) The tower is owned by one Katherine LeVeque. I love the style of the building, I love that nothing around it competes for attention with it, I love that during different seasons, they light it up specially (red, white and blue; pink lights for Breast Cancer awareness in October, etc.).

I particularly enjoy that during the Christmas and Easter seasons, they add a cross of white lights and that cross is so central to the downtown. I know there are many here in Columbus who dislike that cross; I think it is a great reminder that during the Christmas season, we celebrate the incarnation of the Lord who was coming to die upon a cross and save His people.

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