Friday, January 09, 2004

I've had two requests for why my blog is named "ladydusk." I'm hesitant to share because I'm sure all 3 of my readers will be disappointed in the explaination. That being said, here goes.

I used to hang out on CompuServe forums (two Christian forums and the SFLIT forums) when I worked for them (CompuServe) several years ago. I've always been more of a night-person than morning-person, thus "dawn" seems something of a misnomer. For privacy and a little private joke, I decided to go by "dusk." A few of my online friends (or acquaintances for The Dane) who had known me as "dawn" decided to dub me "ladydusk" so it would be obvious I was a girl. I've used the name "ladydusk" online ever since.

This is for my blog-roll user (and you're most welcome to continue to use my blog roll, although I am *curious* who you are!): I deleted about 100 blogs from my blog-roll. I apologize if there are any that you'll miss. I think the 130 links I left is probably enough, though.

More content forthcoming. I'm hoping to post a reading list for 2004 fairly soon.

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