Saturday, July 24, 2004

A couple of people have asked how the pregnancy is going, etc.  I'm at 30 weeks and feel great, although I do get a bit tired in the evenings.  It is different from the first tri-mester when I was pretty much drained 24-7, now I can take a nap and actually still get something accomplished in the evening.   I'm pretty excited, we're supposed to go to Hilton Head next month with my family, and the midwife said that would be OK.

My first Glucose Tolerance screening was a little elevated, so they had me go for the 3 hour test.  That was kind of yucky, but everything is ok, so I suppose it was worth it.  The other big deal was that I have RH negative blood, so I had to get the Rhogam shot. 

We're preparing our house for sale.  Actually, a guy from church is going to come over today to look at it.  It is in his price range and he's looking for a first home.  I really hope we can sell it to him, because we already have a spec house in contract to purchase.  It is supposed to be done September 15, the baby is due October 1, I figure I get out of moving much of anything this way, and don't feel particularly bad about it.

For Father's Day, I got Jason Diana Krall tickets.  That was a very good concert.  We had a great time, and she was very entertaining.

In the end of May, Jason changed jobs, so we will have 3 major life changes this year: new baby, new house, new job.  The Lord has been so gracious to us throughout all of it.  I haven't been too stressed out, even as I'm wrapping up 3-4 major projects at my work before I leave.  It is pretty nice that they know I'm not coming back, actually.  It has made the work for the transition go rather smoothly.

Um, anyway, thanks for asking.  I'll try and blog more often.

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