Friday, September 24, 2004

I left work early yesterday because I was pretty tired and wanted to go take a nap. I got home about 3:40 and there was a message on the machine that there was a showing scheduled for 3:30-4:30 so I had to leave :(

I was having a hard time thinking about where to go for an hour when I thought, "How about the library." The Hilliard library is a branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Unfortunately, what that means is I don't have as good of a selection (unless I order books ahead, and where's the fun in that?) as I would at an independent library like, oh, say the Westerville Public Library where I spent a lot of time growing up.

When I walked in, I looked briefly at the "Books For Sale" shelf and saw a book by Dorothy Sayers, who a number of people have been recommending recently. I didn't pick that up, but did go in the stacks and find exactly one Sayers book, Dorothy Sayers: The Complete Stories. I think that an anthology of short stories will probably be much appreciated in the coming days and weeks.

Then, I decided to look for Susan Howatch books. I particularly like her writing style, and there were two of her books that aren't from the Starbridge series, so I got those The Wonder Worker and The High Flyer (I think, it might've been another), although looking on Amazon, it looks like the characters tie into characters in the Starbridge books. I *hate* reading books out of order.

Anyway, I'm pretty far into The Wonder Worker already and am enjoying it quite a lot. There are a couple of quotes I'd like to post, but that'll be later, I think.

I got home for a couple of hours and had to leave by 6:25 for another showing from 6:30-7:30. Jason met me at Max and Erma's for dinner, then we went home and watched some of the Miami-Houston game.

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