Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Valerie asked for an update.

Let's begin way back in August. For Christmas my parents got us (the whole family) tickets to see Mamma-Mia (be careful, there may be ABBA music playing when you click the link!) So, we went to see that on August 13. The story and dancing were a bit on the risque side ... and my sister who has eschewed almost all of pop culture in the past 10 years was decidedly unsettled by it. The music is about all the ABBA I want to hear for a while, but it was otherwise a fun show.

The next day, Saturday the 14th, we hit the road for vacation to Hilton Head Island, SC for a week of vacation with my parents, two of my brothers (Todd & Troy), and Troy's wife Sarah. The company my dad works for has a Condo in the Sea Pines Plantation right on the water. So, generally we spent the week doing nothing and watching the Olympics. It was great and very relaxing.

We came home the next Saturday and have been back to work since.

The house we have for sale has shown a lot, but hasn't yet sold, so we lowered the price last week. The house we are buying (you may need to refresh, or find the "Fairport" model on the Maronda.com site) is progressing, but certainly wasn't close to being done by the 9/15 date. We're thinking end of October at this point, but need to talk to the sales guy.

The baby seems to be progressing just fine, but doesn't really show any signs of wanting to make an imminent appearance. We pretty much have the "temporary" nursery set up in the old house (one of the positives about being moved in mid-September would have been not having to set up twice. Ah well. EGEATP)

People have been exceedingly generous! my office, family and friends, and church have all thrown showers for us, so we haven't needed to purchase much. This weekend we did buy the "Travel System" I registered for and a couple of other things, but I think generally we now have what we need to bring the baby home (a car seat).

OSU football has looked rather ugly for most of the season, but the Buckeyes are 3-0 at the by-week, so I can't complain.

Um, otherwise, still working and training my replacement, working on outsourcing the part of my job she won't be doing, and feeling rather tired most of the time.

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