Thursday, January 06, 2005

Yesterday, my mom, Meg, and I met at the Westerville Community Center for the purpose of Meg's first time swimming in a pool. Since she hasn't thus far been a fan of baths, I was a bit skeptical of the enterprise, but since my parents have an (outdoor) pool at their house and we spend a lot of time in it during the summer it would be important for Margaret to think this is a good thing.

She just got to 16 pounds, so the smallest size of "Little Swimmers" diapers fit her. We slowly got her acclimated to the water and she seemed to like being in the water, evidently I'm not much fun at bath time. She stayed in for a while and we got a few pictures of her with my mom. We didn't take her all the way under, although she did get water on her face. I'm glad we went and we'll have to go again.

Unfortunately, the pictures I took are not on our non-functioning digital camera, so you'll have to wait until I finish a roll of film to see her swimming away.

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