Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Meg had her 4 month checkup on Friday. She's doing great! She's 18-1/2 lbs and 25-3/4 inches long. Yikes. We're supposed to change out car seats at 20 lbs or 26 inches, so Jason put the new seat in the car on Saturday. It is a bit more of a pain than the chairs you can take with you places. For instance the grocery store. I got one of those cloth toy things that fit in the cart's seat and she sat up pretty well like a big girl in it on Monday. Yay!

At the doctor's she got her second set of shots. She did better with them this time and calmed down much more easily because I gave her the pacifier beforehand. However, she was a bit unlike herself through yesterday.

Otherwise, she smiles and laughs and grabs at everything to put it in her mouth. She watches us closely to see what it is we're doing when we eat. The Dr. said she could start rice cereal anytime between 4-6 months, but she is doing so well with nursing, I'm going to wait a bit longer. She thinks Zeke is the coolest toy around and giggles when he puts his face up to hers.

She's doing great sleeping through the night in her crib now. We're working on regularly scheduled naps, but it isn't going too well. Today I put her down at 9 and she slept pretty well until 9:30, by 11:30 or so she was so tired that she slept till 1:00. I'm not overly worried about it as long as she sleeps all night (which she does, bedtime at 8, I feed her one last time at 10 while she's asleep and she gets up sometime between 7 and 7:30)

I'm almost done with the roll of film (I miss technology, how did people stand waiting so long for their pictures and not knowing immediately how they turned out?!) so, Lord willing, I'll have pictures next week. Hoorah!

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