Friday, June 24, 2005

1. I got my new computer! Yay! I've been using the Gateway PC I bought way back in '98 and it was getting clunky and unreliable, so my dear sweet Jason ordered me a new PC and finished getting everything set up for me last night and it is on my desk today. Hooray! Hopefully, this will mean more regular posting, but I make no promises.

2. Meg was baptised on March 6 and all of Jason's and my families were in attendance (well, except 1 sibling each). It was a wonderful day to worship with family and the family of faith, to make promises to God about our daughter, and to *hear* our church make promises to God to help us. Meg did great! She didn't cry or anything, just looked a little perplexed, "why is he putting water on me, where's the pool?" She looked great in the dress my mom made her. I have a bunch of pics from different events to post, but I don't want to overwhelm y'all.

3. I had an ultrasound yesterday morning and saw the new baby. The ultrasound says I'm 11 weeks along and due January 9. We had an u/s done at 9 weeks with Meg and it is amazing the difference 2 weeks can make in a baby's development. Meg looked like two little round things. This baby looks like a baby: head, body, arms, legs ... even eye sockets. I was in awe. The Lord is so good!

4. I haven't been nauseated with this pregnancy either, but I have been completely exhausted all the time, and generally not felt very good. I'm anticipating being back to "normal" in the next week or so.

5. The complete exhaustion has changed to only partially complete exhaustion which is nice because Meg has started to crawl everywhere. That's pretty fun. She's much more prepared to go to bed now too :)

6. Aside from crawling, Meg is starting to talk. "Mama?" "Dada?" Nope. "Dah" for "Dog" whenever she sees Zeke (our Golden Retriever) The other day she came down the stairs saying "Dah Dah Dah Dah" clearly out to get the dog. Whenever she sees other dogs she just laughs and laughs. One of her books has pictures of a Zebra, Kitten, and Lion in it and yesterday I caught her calling them all "Dah" [sigh] Aside from animals she laughs at outside and children. And when I ask her if she wants to eat.

7. I've read lots and lots of books this spring: all of the Starbridge books by Susan Howatch plus the first follow-up, a bunch of Madeleine L'Engle, two Mary Higgins Clark books. I also read The Well Trained Mind, The Well Educated Mind, Teaching the Trivium (I want to do a review later; I kept wanting to throw it across the room. It took me 4 months to get through it.), and have just started the first of the Charlotte Mason books that my MIL lent me.

OK, that's probably enough. I don't want to be too overwhelming!

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