Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hope you had a very Happy 4th!

Margaret and I went to Alum Creek State Park to meet some friends from church in the late afternoon. They were all swimming at the "beach" which is a glorified resevoir with lightly ground gravel for sand. We finally found them and stood at the edge of the water as I hadn't brought either of our swimsuits. Then we enjoyed a nice picnic.

We went home and played with Jason for a while. He did some more unpacking (you'd think we might be unpacked since we moved in November, but we aren't ...) while we were gone. Then he cooked out ... cheeseburgers yum.

We put Margaret to bed around her normal bedtime and then we got her up to see the fireworks. We drove to just south of town to a big parking lot. It wasn't the best view as some of the lower fireworks were behind trees, but there were enough over the tree line that she got to see a lot. We were also far enough away that they weren't too loud and scared her. She seemed to like them, she'd occaisionally laugh and reach her hand up like she wanted to grab the colors in the sky.

It was a really nice 4th.

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