Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kristen posted recently on Kate's starting to learn the Catechism for Young Children and her Amens.

Meg is starting to do the same things. At the end of prayers, when she hears that key phrase "in Jesus' name" she says "Am-eh." Usually pretty emphatically. (Of course, most of the time prayers are right before a meal, so maybe she's just hungry [grin])

With the Catechism, when we first started to ask her, "Margaret, who made you?" the answer was, "Mommy." Quite clearly. Which, although clearly wrong, is pretty funny. But now, she says, "Gah." (Ending consonants aren't really her thing, you note.)

It has been wonderful having Jason home since Nate was born. He and Meg have really enjoyed playing and wrestling and spending time together. It has been a lot of fun to see. He's home for two more days, then goes back to work. I'm not so excited about that, as you might imagine.

You've probably noted my lack of comments. Blogback went bye-bye (boy, can you tell I'm home with a 15 month old?!?) way back in October, and I can't seem to get all the code out of my template and get the Blogger comment code installed. I'm hoping that in the next day or so (while Jason's home) he'll fix it.

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  1. Well, you (and Jason) did have a large part in the process of making Meg, didn't you? I know, that's not what you were getting at [wink-wink, grin]. I agree--I love watching David and Brian play together. In some ways it's the highlight of my day!


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