Saturday, January 14, 2006

Meg loves being a big sister.

All three times she came to the hospital, she'd just point and say, "Baby!" over and over and over. She'd go explore the hospital room, then come back and inform all of us that there was a baby.

Then, when we came home, I let her "hold" him. She was angry when I took him away. It was awfully sweet. I've let her hold him a couple of times since and sometimes she'll come up to me and reach out her hands to hold him.

She'll stand by the bouncy seat and bounce it and has even pulled it from the kitchen to the family room for him to sit in.

In the morning if Jason brings her downstairs and Nate & I are still in our beds, she'll cuddle with me then look over the side of the bed to see him. "Hi, Baby!"

She's generally been pretty gentle with him, too, which is pretty cool.

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