Thursday, February 09, 2006

Meg has recently begun to "help" me cook. She loves standing on the step stool and either watching or doing safe tasks for me. I got in my mom's cedar chest and got the apron her aunt made for her out. My mom wore it when she was little. I wore it when I was little. Now Meg is wearing it when she is little. I think my mom would have been pleased by that.

If you can't tell, the apron is a little bunny rabbit. The ears button around Meg's nap and it has two little bunny pockets too. It really is adorable in person, I hope it translates well in photo.


  1. I'm sure your mom would have liked that, and it does look adorable in the picture!!

  2. Meg's such a poppet in her pinny. ;^)

    What a sweet tradition!

  3. Greetings Dawn,

    I saw you post on Tim Challies' site, so I thought I'd drop in and say hello to a fellow OPC-er.

    My blog is at and my website is

    Grace and Peace,
    Andrew Moody

  4. How cute! I love that apron design.


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