Saturday, February 25, 2006

Meg has started to chortle, "A Ho Ho Ho" when she laughs. It makes me laugh. Nate occasionally smiles, and not a whole smile, a kind of amused look. It also makes me laugh.

I recently read two books: The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love" and Hearth and Home. My friend, Heather, lent them to me. I really liked the Hope Chest book. It offered great ideas about what and how to pack a chest. Hearth and Home was good, too, although I enjoyed her essays at the end more than most of the recipes. I haven't tried cooking anything out of it yet, but I'm planning on buying it (and the Hope Chest book) so I shall.

There are a couple of memes going about that I'm going to try, although no one has tagged me for them.

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