Thursday, May 11, 2006

My parents took Meg to see the Curious George movie a couple of weeks ago. She's still going around saying, "Yeyyow ha! Yeyyow ha! Jirge! Move!" Too funny.

We got her a tricycle, and she's happy to sit on it with her feet on the pedals if we push it, but would much rather pull or push it than try to ride it by herself. A lot of stores here don't have carts that will hold 2 children. Meg loves to push the cart (right in front of me) I'm thankful, it keeps her safe and entertained.

Last Friday, Nate turned 4 months. He was 18-1/2 lbs and 26-1/2 inches. Compared to Lexi, he's a giant! He's finally fairly consistently sleeping through the night. And smiling a lot more. And laughing some. He's becoming much more fun. And looks like a boy. He sits pretty well on a lap and likes to stand if being held or in the exersaucer.


  1. Nate always looks like he is going to start talking when I see him! He looks so much older than he really is. We LOVE having him and Meg over-they are a delight. By the way, Matthias is still convinced that the shoes you gave us for Jonathan belong to Nate. He brings them to me and says "Nate, Nate." If I try to put the shoes on Jonathan, Matthias shakes his head no. :)

  2. He is a giant! He did have a head-start though! Kate sometimes pushes the cart, too, but I usually go with the sling-Lexi-push-Kate route.

  3. They're both at such cute ages, aren't they?

    I love Meg's "Yeyyow ha!" commentary. ;^)

  4. Still waiting for Isaac to sleep through the night. Apparently he did two nights in a row weeks ago (I blogged about it!), but it's been a long dry spell for me and sleep. Isaac's just starting to smile more, too. It's very nice!

  5. Sweet posts about the kids and cute pics, too! Glad you all are doing well. Hard to believe that when we met you, Meg was still "in mommy's tummy," and our Charis was still a wee thing. She turned 3 last week! Amazing.


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