Saturday, July 21, 2007

An Exhausting week

We've had an exhausting week. It started last Friday. Jason attended my brother's bachelor party: a trip to the Indians Royals baseball game in Cleveland. The indians won, woo-hoo! (or would that be "Wa-hoo"?) Go Ohio! My parents took the "big" kids to COSI to see the Big Diggers exhibit. They had a blast. While they were playing, Rebekah and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond, Trader Joe's, Target, Baby's R Us, and Whole Foods. Most of them places I rarely get the opportunity to shop at. We had a blast. We hung out with my mom and Sister in Law Friday evening to help distract Margaret and Nathaniel.

That evening I also picked up a new-to-our-family dog from our friends who are moving to Texas. It was a test period last weekend, and once we decided to keep her after they move, we kept her for good! Her name is Sandy and she's 4. She's a golden Lab, very light color (thus her name) She and Zeke seem to be getting along pretty well. A few flare ups have occurred, but Zeke is a pretty dominant 9 year old male, so he has asserted himself.

One of the reasons to go to Baby's R Us was because Margaret, Rebekah, and I had a baby shower at church to attend on Saturday morning. Jason and Nate went to the Good Guys PPG National Car Show.

Sunday and Monday were "ordinary" ... worship/family on Sunday, home and quiet on Monday.

Tuesday was a big day. One of our local parks, Innis Woods, has an art installation of "Big Bugs." They are amazing sculptures of 7 different insects and 1 spider either carved from wood or bent out of wood. Anyway, we went to the exhibit with my parents and nephew on Tuesday

Here's Rebekah and the Grasshopper:

Here are Margaret, Nathaniel, and my nephew and the Grasshopper:

As you can tell, they sculptures are quite large, and very beautiful. Our favorite was actually the spider, he was so intricate.

My mom taught kindergarten for years, so when we got back to their house we did all sorts of extensions: read bug books, made "butterfly sandwiches" and "spider cookies," and painted egg-crate caterpillars. We had a blast.

Wednesday was the reptile guy at the library. Margaret wouldn't go to the front, but Nate did and got to touch the tortoise:

Thursday was our regular grocery day and I took all 3 kids to Michael's and to Meijer. Usually the kids nap at my parents while I go, but they couldn't watch them this week. It was good practice for Margaret and Nathaniel. Rebekah rode in the Ergo. That evening was the bachelorette party . Rebekah and I attended the sane part of the evening, and she got to visit with her Aunt (one of my already sister-in-laws):

Friday morning brought the first of the Lolli Pops! kids concerts in the park. We took a picnic and met my mom for the morning. Wedding Rehearsal and Dinner for my brother's wedding (to the above mentioned bachelorette) was in the evening. Margaret did a great job walking down the aisle for practice. Dinner was at Buca di Beppo. Yum.

Today, then, was the big day. Margaret had her dress and her shoes, her hair was fixed. She was beautiful:

This was before she walked down the aisle, crying the whole way. She got to be escorted at the end with her Uncle Kevin, but going forward by herself with all those people was a bit too much, I guess.

We all had a blast at the reception, and the kids went to bed early.

This coming week should be quieter.

Aunt Michelle, the big kids are doing very well, indeed!


  1. yes, they are! you didn't tell me about Sandy. (The Arendse's dog, I take it?)
    get some rest! :-)

  2. How is Sandy doing? We sure miss her. Glad to hear Zeek is putting that Sassy Sandy in her place. We are missing y'all even more. Glad to see all your beautiful family pictures.


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