Monday, July 30, 2007

Family Picture


  1. Christmas card picture at the wedding? lookin' good, everyone!

  2. Such a lovely family! I hope you all got to have a nap as nice as Rebekah's there!


  3. GREAT pic! Your hair looks really nice.

  4. Thanks, Michelle ... I hope we'll have another opportunity before then!

    Lenise, sadly, the best any of us did was Nate for about 45 minutes in the van :(

    Heather, I guess I don't wear blow dry, curling-iron-smooth, or wear it all down very often, eh? LOL

  5. Dawn,

    What a beautiful family! I remember reading you way back before Margaret was born. I remember her birth, and believe I read about the birth of your little guy, but I didn't know about your darling Rebekah. How has so much time passed?

    I'm sorry I haven't visited lately - as soon as I'm done here I will put you in my rss feed in order to keep up with you a little better. :) Now to try to catch up on some of your more recent posts.

    God Bless!


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