Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I actually got some good photos of the children yesterday. Margaret never smiles well for pictures, I think she might have gotten the idea. Nate is getting better and better ... of course after every picture he says, "See?!" What would've he done with a film camera?

Nate the big brother:

Margaret the big sister:

All three children (Rebekah even seems to be smiling!):

Can you tell the one year old likes noses?


  1. That is an ADORABLE picture of Margret and Rebekah! :)

  2. They are absolutely beautiful! You have been richly blessed =]

  3. Beautiful children, Dawn. Rebekah is growing nicely, isn't she? She looks like quite an armful. Of course, I know that's nothing new for you. :-)And yes, it's obvious Nathaniel likes noises, but it's not terribly clear if Rebekah enjoys her part in the process.



  4. We miss you all. The children have grown. Margaret's hair is getting so long and so pretty. We are coming to visit for spring break! Can't wait to see you.


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