Friday, July 13, 2007

A recipe idea and a Margaret Story

A recipe idea:

My pancake recipe calls for sugar. Instead of using table sugar I substitute Maple Syrup. This puts a natural sugar in the pancakes and provides the maple taste with 1) no sticky messy children and 2) a controlled amount of syrup for mommy. Use more or less depending on how liquid you like your pancake batter (I don't mind pretty runny batter).

The Margaret Story:

We were driving home from church, I think. Singing songs and saying nursery rhymes. Two of Margaret's favorites are Jack and Jill, including the second verse:

Up Jack got
and home did trot
as fast as he could caper
he went to bed
to mend his head
with vinegar and brown paper.

and Humpty Dumpty. Who, as you recall, sat on a wall, had a great fall, and couldn't be put back together again.

Margaret, from her car seat, pipes up, "Maybe Humpty should use vinegar and brown paper."

Jason and I were pretty impressed.


  1. What a smart girl! I think my Benjamin could use vinegar & brown paper! :)

  2. Hey! good idea, but do you substitute it 1:1? I tried it today, and they turned out okay, but didn't taste as maple syrupy as I expected?
    sounds like Meg is doing well. How are Nate and Rebekah?


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