Monday, July 30, 2007

Some surprises here

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MBTI has always shown me as _NFP and usually I split 50/50 on the E and I. I'm surprised this test put me so strongly "I" The Multiple Intelligences is probably more true. I do like to be alone, but sometimes. I do like to be with others and interact, but sometimes. It depends. One of the MBTI questions was "a quiet weekend at home is ... rejuvenating or boring" That's unfair, it depends on how busy we've been. If I've been running around a lot with the kids, it is restful. If I've been home a lot, it is boring. I do those things about equally depending on the week or month.

The "NF" designation has always made me wonder, also, because I wouldn't call myself a dreamer. I think part of my problem with this test is that I could answer either way on almost every question and be able to explain/justify my response, so I choose what I want the answer to be. I think someone else should take it for me :p

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  1. The MBTI is designed to get at your underlying traits and does not deal with situation aspects as well. You should also look at the DISC system as it deal with situation better.


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