Monday, December 17, 2007

Rebekah Jumping

Trying something new.

You'll see a little flutter in the bottom left corner as Nate cheers his sister on, then comes into the frame. Enjoy!


  1. She is so cute- really! I wish we had a door frame so our littles could enjoy jumping. You will have to show me how to put video on the blog. :)
    - Heather

  2. How adorable! I got Bridgette a jumper-thingummy for Christmas, and hope she gets as big a charge out of it. ;^)

  3. Margaret and Rebekah have both *loved* the jumper ... so much that Margaret regularly fell asleep and Rebekah's been in it 2x and fell asleep in it already. Nate, OTOH, had no use for it at all ... which seems really silly to me.

  4. I think we got rid of both of ours. Jay liked it a lot, but Isaac saw it for the baby-containment device it was =] He's a wily one.

    That is a sweet video! Makes me look forward even more to our next little one's arrival =]


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