Monday, December 01, 2008

On the way to church we often discuss our expectations for worship as a reminder for the level of behavior and participation we expect. Yesterday, we got to talking about obeying and loving God perfectly and Margaret said only Jesus did that (woo-hoo!) and that everyone dies. Of course that brings up a special case in my head:

Mommy: Well, except for Enoch. "He walked with God and then was taken."
Margaret: Yeah, he should've been holding his Father's hand so he didn't get took.

Evidently she didn't realize that he was.


  1. that made me laugh out loud! she is too funny! but your comment at the end also made me stop & think- am I holding onto my Father's hand, prepared to meet Him? Are Eric and I preparing our children to do the same? May to be so!

  2. I was *driving* and laughing so hard!! And, yeah, that comment has brought about much contemplation this week.

  3. Too Cute! :-)

    But she will when she's a bit older.



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