Thursday, February 11, 2010

Book Review: The Little Book of Christian Character and Manners by William & Colleen Dedrick

The Little Book of Christian Character and Manners gave me a good solid kick in the pants.  Deserved.  So much of it makes sense; philosophically and theologically I agree with it.  I like the way it was laid out.  I need repentance and diligence and trust and consistency.  I see some of the negative traits it lists in my children.  (I see some of the positives, too)

I read through it quickly, underlining a lot, but it deserves a more thorough, careful read.

I have a few qualms.  I wish the authors had been more clear about who they were quoting (like Rushdoony, for example) in a couple of places, it made me feel like they were trying to hide things and I wasn't catching everything.  There is definitely a flavor of parents imposing a "law" in this book that I'm not sure but goes too far. I definitely think they take a bit too far the section on work (almost as far as the Maxwells do).

Overall, a happy addition to our library.

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  1. Yep- it gives me a kick in the pants EVERY time I read it too! (We try to read it once a year.) But that is okay b/c I need it! :) I find the book so encouraging too- fresh breath of air compared to what most books are like!

    I'll have to look again at the work issue- I didn't think it went as far as you said...


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