Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miscellaneous Resources

I love that Memoria Press has interesting articles in their catalog.  This summer, there were two that I enjoyed: "The Rhetoric of Amazement: What Children's Literature Teaches Us" by Martin Cothran; and "The Greatest Single Defect of My Own Latin Education" by Dorothy Sayers (Edited to add: Memoria Press has published this online as well, here.).  If they were individually linked on the site yet, I'd link them directly, but only the .pdf is currently available. (Edited to add: Cothran posted  The Rhetoric of Amazement on his blog!) Cothran's piece is about the wonder and learning small children have through carefully crafted literature.  The Sayers article discusses Latin and focuses on Medieval Latin as a necessity for modern readers as so much scholarly writing is available in Latin from that time.  I once heard a talk on Mars Hill Audio where the man said, "I knew my Calvin.  In the original languages." and have long thought that an interesting idea (goal?).

Tomorrow is CiRCE's every other week online chat at 3pm.  They're going to be discussing "Teaching Attentiveness."  I hope I can make it, but am not counting on it.  They also have a "Back to School" Audio Download Special.  For $24, you can have the following talks: Developing the Moral Imagination by Karen Kern, Mentor by Vigen Guroian, The Nature of the Arts and Their Place in the Curriculum by John Hodges, Becoming Stewards of Classroom Culture by Debbie Harris, Training the Inward Eye by Bryan Smith, and Leisure: The Basis of Schooling by James Daniels. I have two of these talks (I think, definitely one of them), but am still tempted to make the purchase because they sound sooooo good.

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