Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekly Report: 8/22/10-8/27/10

The week started slowly and with some difficulty, but Wednesday went very very well.  We're working on getting through our regular work.  In a week or two, we'll be adding some assigned individual work. 

Memory Work:

Bible: Saturday's recitation didn't go very well, so we spent the week reviewing through Day Four.

Catechism/Creed:M-girl is doing very well with her questions on Christ's offices.  The other children spent one more week on their questions and I expect will move on next week.

Hymn: Riches I heed not.  What a great hymn, it has brought out good conversations. 

Poetry: N-boy is ready to move forward to "Whole Duty of Children."  M-girl is ready to move on, as well to the poem with all the Gs.  R-birl is working, working, working on After the Party.

Counting: We're counting by threes, they're not really getting it yet.  Glad we review a lot :)

Other Memory Work: They love learning Buckeye Battle Cry, I think it is their favorite bit of memory work right now :)  (Kickoff in one week! Go Bucks!)


M-girl: She's moving right along with her lessons, we started learning about contractions this week.

N-boy: He worked all week on one lesson: /sh/  But, he worked hard and kept at it.

R-girl: She glued a "key" to her "K."


M-girl: She's moving right along with her MEP.  I love the logic problems that force her to *think.*

N-boy: He's also moving along in MEP, but having more trouble with some of the problems.  We're going to do some review next week, methinks.  He did have fun with his math manipulatives this week:
Army Men as Math Manipulatives

R-girl: She's still doing her numbers, counting playing with puzzles. 


M-girl: We finished the lessons about Seasons, Months, and Holidays and began the lessons about capitalizing the word "I."


M-girl: She started working on cursive "a"  Penmanship isn't her favorite lesson of the day.  We'll keep working.

N-boy: He's working on writing his numbers.

Geography:We studied Europe, colored European Union Flags, a map of Europe, and read about Scandinavia.

Spanish: We reviewed Lessons 1-3 and the vocabulary.

Art: The children finger-painted on Monday. R-girl was not a fan (get messy on purpose?)

Read Alouds: We're still reading The Burgess Bird Book (will it never end?) and The Borrowers. Someone did post a book with color photos for The Burgess Bird Book which helps some.  We keep pressing on because M-girl keeps seeing birds and saying things like, "That's Killy! We read about him in the book." [sigh]  I suppose we could call it the science we're not doing. We also read Nursery Rhymes and poetry during our Circle Time.   

Bible:  We've continued with the story of Joseph in Vos. 


  1. Oh, that After the Party! Both of mine had such a time with that one. Silly Jonathan Blake and his cake. ;)

    Sounds like you had a good week!

  2. LOL!! Army men as math manipulatives ... I love it! My boys would love it, too!! Thanks for such a great idea!!

  3. Heehee--I understand your feeling about the Burgess Bird Book! I'm impressed that you are still plugging along with it. Good week!

  4. LOVE the army men for manipulative- never thought to do that before but my boys would enjoy it! :)

  5. I wonder if this might help with the Burgess...

    it is a rather longggg book.

  6. Do have a method for your catechism memory work? Repetition, etc? We are working through the Westminster Shorter and just using daily recitation but it is taking us a while.

  7. We do the Catechism for Young Children, and it is all repetition. Friends have started into WSC, and they're using The Westminster Shorter Catechism Songs (is that the right set, Heather?)

  8. Oh, and we do our questions/answers in the Simply Charlotte Mason system, so we start with Daily, move to Odd/Eve, move to weekly, move to once a month review.

  9. The army men are great! The Borrowers is a great book--can't say the same thing about the Burgess book, because I didn't finish it! (hanging my head in shame) Kudos for you plugging along.

  10. Get messy on purpose?!?
    My oldest was that way. LOL

  11. Interesting week. Glad you shared.

  12. I love how some just LOVE to get messy and others dare not. Too cute. I want to finger paint! I like the messy of painting and somehow, brush or not, it always ends up in my hair!

  13. Looks like a fun week! I have one line your dd... no finger paint or messes! He's always been that way! In fact, he prides himself that he only uses his LEFT hand to do anything messy so his RIGHT hand is free to take care of what needs to be done! My other ones just dive into messes!

  14. "Penmanship isn't her favorite lesson of the day" . . . .sounds familiar ;-)


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