Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some new (to me) mealtime prayers

Back of the bread is the flour,
Back of the flour is the mill.
Back of the mill is the wind and the rain
And the Father's will.

Bless, O Lord, before we dine
Each dish of food, each glass of wine;
And bless our hearts that we may be
Aware of what we owe to Thee.
Lord, bless the food upon these dishes
As Thou didst bless the loaves and fishes.
And like the sugar in our tea,
May all of us be stirred by Thee.
Come Lord Jesus,
Be our guest,
Let these gifts
to us be blessed.

Come, Lord Jesus
Be our guest,
And let these gifts
to us be blessed.
Let there be
A goodly share
On every table,
Everywhere. Amen. 
Thank you God for home and school,
Rain and sunny weather.
Thank you for the food we eat
And that we are together.
Gathered from this post at WTM.


  1. I love those!! I sang that first one at an environmental camp I went to in 7th grade - believe it or not! Shows how old I am! Here's another one that we sang before and after our meals at a retreat I went to a long time ago.

    Come, Lord, sit with us as we eat together.
    May our talk glow with words of peace and love.
    Nourish us, Lord, with food for souls and bodies.
    Come, Lord, sit with us as we share this food.

    Thank you, dear Lord, for sitting at our table.
    Thank you for laughter shared with new-found friends.
    Thank you for Christ-love shown through smiling faces.
    Thank you for peace that filled our hearts today.

  2. I just popped over to say thanks for commenting on my blog and encouraging me to persevere with the hymns. It was a blessing and inspiration to read your testimony of your children's learning!

    I'm unfamiliar with many of these graces/prayers. I'll have to teach a few of them to my girls! I must've missed this thread on WTM. ;-)


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