Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Report: 9/13/10-9/17/10

We had a fun week.  Aside from Miss Chlo√©'s visit to share about Germany, Miss Laura joined us for the morning on Tuesday to "see how we homeschool" which wouldn't be so funny if she hadn't been homeschooled herself.  Tuesday was absolutely our best day, and we think Miss Laura should come all the time [grin].  

Homeschool Choir started this week, and while M-girl was nervous (and is nervous about the concert), she *loved* choir.  We've also gotten into the swing of soccer, so that adds busy-ness to our days, but not too bad.  While they're still young, their practice and games are back-to-back, which is *great*!  Next week, we'll get the final piece of our week with gym class.  We're going to have to figure out a way to take lessons with us, especially M-girl.

Memory Work:

Bible: M-girl has been reading from Proverbs during Circle Time, so we moved the Vos Bible to evenings.  This will be much better come January when we add a "real" Bible Curriculum.  We're working on Genesis 1 and are working through Day 5.

Catechism/Creed:I think everyone is ready to move on.  R-girl has worked through the "What is sin?" questions faster than either of the other children; the benefits of hearing M-girl and N-boy learn & practice them over and over.

Hymn:Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing verse 2 was learned this week.  I think this is already a favorite because I hear it sung occasionally from bedroom or basement during play.  Love it.  It is one of Jason and my favorites, too.

Poetry:N-boy caught up to M-girl on Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore.  I think R-girl, if she can recite it, is ready to move away from After the Party.  Finally.

Counting: Still working on 3s.

Other Memory Work: Buckeye Battle Cry and Carmen Ohio are big hits.  We listened to some other TBDBITL songs and sung and danced and marched on Wednesday, that was fun.


M-girl: started working on endings liker -er and -est and -ed.  That was fun and easy :)

N-boy: has been working through /th/ lessons.

R-girl: worked on the alphabet puzzle.  We didn't get to her lessons often this week :(


M-girl: is working on 6s in MEP.

N-boy: is working on 2s in MEP.  He learned about subtraction this week, but didn't entirely understand about subtracting.

R-girl: we just read a counting book :)


M-girl: reviewed her poems (which we review more often than FLL asks us to) and started a new poem.

Penmanship: N-boy worked some more on writing 0s and 6s.  M-girl worked on c's. 

Geography: We read stories from Around the World in 80 Tales, colored maps and flags (well, M-girl did) looked at the globe and atlas for Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Greece.  We tried Spanish food and German food.  Miss Chlo√© told us about what it was like to live in Germany.

Spanish: We worked on Lesson 5 and colored pictures that go through it.

Science: We read 2 more chapters of the Burgess Bird Book and looked at videos of the birds from those chapters.

Bible: We're reading about Moses in the Catherine Vos story Bible.

Read Alouds: We finished a chapter from the Jungle Book (the one about Kaa) and started the Chapter where Mowgli goes into the people village.  This is really wonderful reading.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week. We love the Burgess Bird book!

  2. Wow but it looks like a great week!


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