Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy Week ... Vacation

R-girl's birthday just happened to fall the week we went to North Carolina with Jason's family. M-girl asked if we could go somewhere on her birthday, too.  We thought that might be fun, so Jason scheduled vacation and we dilly-dallied deciding where to go.  Last week, we were debating going or staying home and doing day trips here and there.  I checked out the Kalahari Resort, got a great deal on a two bedroom suite for two nights , and away we went.

We were overwhelmed with our visit! First, we didn't know that our "two bedroom suite" would have two full baths, a sitting room with fireplace, and a balcony that looks out on their own private "zoo."  We did know that there would be a small refrigerator and microwave.  There was also a nice big counter with sink and a cupboard, which made for nice space to make breakfast and lunch.  The hotel (resort) was clean and nice.  They seemed to be working on deep cleaning carpets in some of the rooms while we were there.  There was anything you could need onsite: from nice restaurants; in house, to your room pizza delivery; sweets and fancy pastries.  It was more expensive than leaving, but you didn't have to leave. 

Aside from the hotel itself, the real draw to the Kalahari is the water park.  We rode the wave pool, a couple of water slides that all of us could ride on a playground of water shooting and collection (and many that the children couldn't), a lazy river, and the children played in a kid's water playground.  Then, there was the mini private zoo where you could feed and pet many of the animals.  Plus, they have zebras and an ostrich, and in the summer giraffes.  And ring tailed lemur.  Fantastic.  It was a little pricey to go into the zoo at $5 a head, but we decided it was worth it and were even more convinced after we'd been inside.Then, there was the indoor playground similar to the big one at the Columbus Zoo, but better.

We had a fantastic time and would certainly recommend a visit.  We thought two days was perfect.  We arrived 2ish on Tuesday as we had been told we could go in the water park any time after noon and check in at 4.  We were able to check in early (off-season you know) which was nice, then we played in the water area, walked around outside, and ate at the restaurant.  Wednesday, we played all day in the water park, zoo, and playground.  Enjoyed quiet time in our suite.  We ended our day with a pizza party in the room as that day was actually M-girl's birthday.  They even bought the double chocolate muffin she chose for dessert because she was there on her birthday (and gave her a pin!).  It was nice to be able to be just us in the room on her birthday.  Thursday, we had to check out by 11, but could swim all day if we wanted.  We played until about 1:00, ate our packed lunch (thankful for that fridge!) and drove home.  It was about the perfect length of time to be there.

I don't have water park pictures yet, but lots of "zoo" pictures:

You can kinda see in the water park.

Rainbow out front.
Lovely entrance.  This place is huge!

We were on the third floor, in one of these rooms :)

Kookaburra sits in the big cage ... 

Bunnies! That one's Peter! That one's Benjamin! That one's Flopsy! ...
The parakeets were beautiful.  Noisy but beautiful.

Look how big the ostrich is!
Two month old baby deer!  That you can pet!

Family and ring tailed lemur

Muntjac deer.  Did I mention you can pet them?

Jason was a fan.

Kangaroos are soft, kinda like bunnies.  Not like goats.  Who knew?

Jason and R-girl petting goats.

N-boy wanted a picture in some of the pretty landscaping.  Who am I to say no?

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