Friday, October 08, 2010

Curriculum Supplement: The Global Puzzle

I picked up "The Global Puzzle" yesterday at Meijer.  It looked like fun, lots of good information written on the ocean pieces, plus countries are "country shaped" so it gives good practice in finding where countries fit into the world and how.  (Like the GeoPuzzles in this regard, but it is the whole world instead of individual continents). 

You might note the hole just north of Australia near East Timor. I was sad to be missing a piece.  But all is well! Great customer service by A Broader View.  I called at 6:30 on Friday night and the phone was answered immediately and a piece has been promised in the mail.  Hooray!

M-girl, R-girl, and I did most of the puzzle, with R-girl and N-boy drifting in and out.  It says 8+, and that's probably pretty true and M-girl could help some, but I did most of it.


  1. We have the United States puzzle by the same company. This looks really neat - maybe I'll have to make a trip to Meijer. :)

  2. Thanks for the info- no Meijer here but maybe I can find it???

  3. Three cheers for soccer! LOVE your hairstyle Margarette.

  4. The puzzle piece came today. Hooray for customer service!


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