Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Report: 10/18/10-10/22/10

This is the best first week back after being gone that we've had.  We had some arguing and Monday was tough, but Tuesday was a great day!

Memory Work:  We actually only did Circle Time on Monday and Tuesday this week.  Need to do a better job of doing CT before gym class on Wednesday.

Bible: We started working on the sixth day of creation. 

Catechism/Creed: M-girl is starting on the questions for the 10 Commandments.  N-boy and R-girl are moving on also.

Hymn:We're working on "For All the Saints" this month and enjoying it.  We did verses 3 and 4 this week.

Poetry: Moving forward with Godfrey Gordon Gustavus Gore and After the Party.

Counting: Rehearsing old skip counting.  Making sure everyone remembers the 5s and 10s.

Other Memory Work: We don't have anything special for October, and that's kind of nice.


M-girl: Finished OPG! Hurray!  Now to work on ETC more heartily.

N-boy: is moving forward with OPG and long vowels with silent "e"  He's really starting to get it ... and sound out words he "shouldn't be able to" sound out yet.  Hooray!


M-girl: She's working on up to 8s in MEP.

N-boy: He's working on ones and twos, having some trouble remembering what all the signs are, what they mean, and how they're used.  But we just practice and he's doing well.  Actually, having last week off seemed to help him out this week.  We'll camp here another week or so.

R-girl: She has been working with wedgits, puzzles, mighty minds and counting. 


M-girl: Finished the Mindbenders Warm-Up book! Yay!  She started Critical Thinking Activities K-3 and, so far likes it (it is easy) even though it is ([wince]) workbook pages.  She's also working on these Logix puzzles (I picked them up on clearance from RR) and thinks they're fun.

N-boy:  Started Mind Benders Warm Up and he thinks it is fun :)


M-girl:  We did some dictionary skills work this week.  We used ElizabethB's (from the WTM) lesson on alphabetization and dictionary and the cut out strips she provides.  Then we started reading out of the front of the dictionary and talking about the information a dictionary has.  And we looked up some words.  This is working well for us.

Penmanship: worked on writing numbers, some copywork in Grammar.. 

Bible:  We're working through Vos' Bible and the children (and parents) are learning a lot.  We just read about the death of Aaron. 

Read Aloud:  We started Book 2 of the Jungle Book, sort of.  We read the poem at the beginning of the first story in Book 2 and discussed it, but were all tired so stopped for another day.  We really are enjoying it.  We'll be more consistent when soccer season is over.  Tomorrow.  Hooray!


  1. What a productive week- full of accomplishments!

  2. Sometimes a bad Monday can ruin the whole week. Glad you were able to turn things around and have a good week.


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