Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekly Report: 10/25/10-10/29/10

This was a strange week.  We had makeup gym on Monday morning, so we ran errands and played some on Monday.  Tuesday, we started late and made it through Circle Time.  Wednesday, we did individual lessons at the gym, but no Circle Time.  Today we carved pumpkins and M-girl watched me sew.  So, while we didn't do as much in the way of lessons this week as I prefer, I still think we had a pretty good week.

Memory Work:

Bible:  The children are pleased to be getting closer to the end.  We started working on God creating man (male and female he created them) this week.

Catechism/Creed: M-girl is working on the first two commandments, R-girl is working on Adam representing all his posterity, and N-boy is working on Christ's work.  We've been reciting the Apostle's Creed pretty much all year, other than early in the year when we tried to do both.  It *was* too confusing to go back and forth, so we've concentrated on the one this year.  Next year, we'll re do the Nicene Creed and practice the Apostle's regularly.

Hymn:We sang the last two verses of For All the Saints.  We'll definitely need to really practice.  Happily, they definitely know the first and second verses well and will recognize it when played.

Poetry: No change yet, although we're getting closer with R-girl's After the Party.

Counting:We've mostly been reviewing this month.  I need to be more systematic with our skip counting in the coming

Other Memory Work: We don't have any specific other memory work for October, so we reviewed whatever came to mind :)


N-boy: He read the i_e lesson this week with no trouble. :)


M-girl: We had some fussing over MEP this week, but I continue to be really pleased by the program.  The mental math is, in particular, a wonderful bonus that I didn't expect.  She did one lesson.

N-boy: He did one lesson, and it went OK.  We definitely need to hold here at 0, 1, and 2 while he figures out what he's doing.  He's definitely too old for MEP reception, but I wonder if his age is catching up to him here as M-girl breezed through this section.

R-girl: Worked with the Lauri shape & color sorter this week.


M-girl: She's enjoying the Logix puzzles.  We've also been playing quite a bit of Qwirkle and she's starting to choose her own, pretty good moves.

N-boy: He thought through one question in Mindbenders Warm-up.  He played some Qwirkle and Sequence for Kids and Uno.

R-girl: Worked with the Lauri shape & color sorter this week.  And did puzzles.  She tried to play games too, but often chose to stop.


M-girl:  We didn't do Grammar this week.

Art:  The girls did some project with my mom yesterday and we carved pumpkins and sewed a Little Red Riding Hood cape today (M-girl watched and "helped".)

Music: We think we've found a piano teacher! Yay!

Read Alouds:  Still in The Jungle Book, The Miracle of Purun Bhagat.  Read another Chapter of Burgess. 

Bible:  We've enjoyed the Vos Story Bible, we read through Moses' death yesterday.

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  1. Don't you just love memory work. It is so quick and easy and yet so effective. Finding a music teacher that is a good fit is indeed something to celebrate!


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