Friday, October 08, 2010

Weekly Report: 10/4/10-10/8/10

I decided to do a picture review for this week.  We've been getting lessons done and working along, but it is a busy season, so I haven't been getting my reports up.  I did get some pictures this week, so something fun and different for our review.  We're getting done with or close to done with some of our curriculum for the year, so that is exciting.  Next week, we're having a break.  It will be M-girl's sixth birthday (Lord willing) and Jason has the week off, so while he's free we're going to play :)  I think we all can use a brief break.

Finished his first OPG chart! Done with the short vowel section. Yay!
Reading aloud! He's really starting to get it ... even when we're not doing reading! Yay!

He finished this reader this week! Yay!
On Wednesdays, we pack up the crate and do lessons at the gym.

R-girl doing a hand stand.

N-boy working on cartwheels.
A new hairstyle for soccer.

Hairstyle from  the back.  How cute is that?

It worked really well!


  1. I love the soccer hair. My dd6 would be so envious. Enjoy the week off.

  2. Love the pics and the hair! I need to take more school pics.

  3. Oh, how wonderful to have a week OFF with your dh! Enjoy it!

    Love the hair, too, btw. My girls would LOVE for me to do theirs that way!

  4. LOVE the hair! Enjoy your week! We picked apples today & will make sauce next week. Miss you all!

  5. You're much more talented with hair than I am! Enjoy your week off!

  6. I'm so not that great at hair! M-girl saw another girl with hair like this and asked to try it. Seriously, braid pony tails, tuck ends into top pony tail holder.

    I did pick up some bobby pins this week to make it a little tidier, but super easy.

  7. Yeah for finished curriculum! I love that feeling... accomplishment! I'm jealous of the hair. My dd stopped letting me do her hair at age 3! I LOVED doing it... very cute braids!


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