Saturday, January 08, 2011

Jack and the Beanstalk

N-boy requested a Jack and the Beanstalk Birthday cake.

The dowel rod holding the cupcakes together is leaning against the chandelier for stability.  Will it stand until tomorrow?  Pray for me.

 ETA: And it is on the table.  Does anyone have a toy hatchet?  Or a giant?


  1. It went well. Good food, fun day.

  2. Nice cake, Dawn! I'd love to know how you did it...I know of someone who might like a cake like that someday. :)

  3. Well, don't do it like I did!

    First, I think it is obvious that only the green is cake. My brothers thought maybe the house was cake too, but it wasn't.

    I made mini-cupcakes and stacked them (tops together then bottoms together) on a dowel rod, then iced them green. I baked the remaining batter in an angel food cake pan (it wasn't very tall that way), then put the first couple of cupcakes into that middle hole. A friend suggested kabob skewers instead ... maybe 3 to keep it from toppling? Anyway, after I iced them, I put the extra icing into a bag with a ribbon tip and just streamed and "leafed" randomly all around so it was covered.

    I kind of wish I had made it tall enough to tie to the chandelier, and put white fabric/snow fabric into the arms to make the clouds ... tying to the chandelier would also make it stay vertical better.


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