Thursday, January 13, 2011

Read Aloud Thursday: The Mouse and the Mouse and the Motorcycle

We're continuing with The Jungle Book (we started the third from last story last night) and enjoying it.  We just finished the story The King's Ankus and there was a lot to talk about and explain in that story.  I love the discussions we've been able to have with our reading, and especially that we have them with Jason!

At lunch, we aren't quite so ambitious.  We're reading The Mouse and The Motorcycle and it is pretty fun so far.  I have it so all I have to do is point at N-boy and he makes the motorcycle sound that only boys seem to be able to make: Pb-bb-b-b-b ... The children are enjoying this story a lot.


  1. Who wrote the book? Haven't heard of that one yet. Have you read them Stuart Little? Matthias' favorite chapter is the one about the motorcycle. :)

  2. Beverly Cleary wrote Mouse & Motorcycle.

    We read Stuart Little a few years ago, we'll probably read it next as N-boy got tickets to go see the play with my parents for his birthday.


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