Friday, January 21, 2011

Weekly Report Week 2: 1/17/2011-1/21/2011

This week was mostly good.  Wednesday, I was invited to a meeting, so we didn't do any lessons.  We made the individual work up today.  That felt good, adding Circle Time would have been better.  We had a little trouble getting started, not used to those early 7AM mornings, and some attitude issues to work through.  Jason was home on Monday and distracted children, did Bible and History with us.  It was wonderful to have him here for a school day.

Memory Work:

Bible: Continued reviewing Genesis 1.

Catechism/Creed: Continued reviewing the Apostle's Creed.

Hymn: More review.

Poetry: Reviewing some more.

Counting: Counted by 1s, 5s, and 10s.  Next week we'll add odds, evens, and threes.

Other Memory Work: We're learning the Continents and Oceans Song.


N-boy: He's taken to reading 3 lessons at a time so he can move faster.  Hoorah!

R-girl: We did some Before the Code and reviewed lessons 1-3 in OPG.

Assigned Reading:

M-girl: She's not moving through this as much as I keep hoping.

N-boy: He read several Frog and Toad stories.  He likes the stories.


M-girl: She finished 8s, had an end of section "test" which she did very well on, and reviewed.  She did several Math Mammoth sheets, and enjoys the review of them.

N-boy: He's almost done with 3s, did a couple Math Mammoth sheets, and is understanding better than he had been.

N-boy working on MEP.

R-girl: I think we did one MEP lesson.  This is very gentle, and fun. The counting and "figuring" is a perfect introduction.


M-girl: she did several lessons, starting to learn about Venn diagrams.

N-boy: he's thinking through the answers to his Mindbenders and is getting correct answers!


M-girl: she's learned about all four types of sentences now.  Maybe some practice identifying them would be in order.

N-boy: he's learning about nouns and is working on names of people, when they're common names and when they're proper.


M-girl: She is doing a lovely job working through the WWE lessons.  It is so very gentle.


M-girl: Hm.  I think I forgot! It is new to us.


M-girl: M-girl and I watched the Introduction, then she watched Lesson 1. She was later overheard telling her brother in sister is surprised voice, "Did you know Latin doesn't have a 'W'?"


M-girl: She's starting to get it! And starting to see how cool it is to write in Cursive! She wrote dad and was pretty proud of herself :)

N-boy: He is working on numbers, and I really have to convince him to do 4s properly, not the way he self-taught.

History: We read the first part on Ancient Egypt. Actually Jason read it on Monday, and we haven't done more.

Spanish: Not started yet.

Science: I'm not loving the Plant Parts book chosen for Elemental Science. I don't think it has very good definitions. We need to do better about the reading.

Art: We drew pictures from our trip to the Newport Aquarium.

Shark tank with divers, shark, and sea turtle. By N-boy

Humongous Alligator.  Sea Turtle. By M-girl

Penguin. By M-girl

Shark and turtle.  By R-girl.

Read Alouds:

We didn't get much reading done in the evenings this week, or at lunch.

Bible: We were studying Genesis 1 this week. I like how the book includes a Psalm to sing, a Memory Verse, and discussion questions.
M-girl helping N-boy find Psalm 119:105

M-girl and R-girl working while I'm working with N-boy.


  1. Love the pics and the drawings - especially the penguin! :)

  2. Love the penguin ... the smiley and the beak LOL


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